James Crossway, owner of Premier Blinds & Designs, joins me today for an interview about his business and the amazing services he provides.

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I’m excited to be joined by the owner of Premier Blinds & Designs, James Crossway, to talk about his business and how he can help homeowners’ homes shine. Let’s get right to it.

0:17—Why did you and Jennifer decide to start Premier Blinds?

I used to work for a blinds company, but I didn’t like the way it was run—it wasn’t very customer-centric. I decided that once I learned the trades that I needed to, I was going to go out and do it right. My model is based around having a great customer experience.

1:12—Tell us more about what exactly you sell, because it’s not what most people would think.

Well, we do the traditional, two-inch blinds, mini-blinds, and other common items. We also can do complete motorization so that homeowners can control the settings from their phones. You can set your blinds to sunrise or sunset, and more. We also do everything in between, including shades and shutters, with the motorization option available for all of them.

We sell hundreds of these. As a matter of fact, we just became a Hunter Douglas Centurion dealer—a big deal—meaning we only use Hunter Douglas products. They have the best customer service when it comes to their products, including a lifetime warranty on all their window treatments. When you’re buying something, even if it’s not the lowest price, it gives you the most value. This gives us peace of mind because we can walk into a home and offer the owner the best product we can.

2:50—What’s the No. 1 question that customers ask you?

Obviously, the question of price always comes up no matter what. Before we get started showing a client our presentation, we always establish a budget and talk about how much they actually want to invest in their household. I always encourage people to take their time because our products are fixtures that they’ll see every day when they walk into their home. This can be a barrier because it’s hard to establish a price for products over the phone since we have so many styles to choose from. Ultimately, the focus is on what the customer wants for their home.

4:20—What is a big problem that your customers face?

In the age of the internet where information is available all the time, one of the biggest battles we face is when people come into the store and claim that their stuff is as good as Hunter Douglas’. Just because they claim that, it doesn’t mean they can actually back it up. We can back up our claims, though. We actually have a contract with Home Depot; if a business isn’t good at what they do, they wouldn’t be able to get a contract with such a huge store chain.

We also see people falling prey to the allure of lower pricing. But those people don’t understand that cheaper doesn’t mean better. They need to remember that whoever they hire will be coming into their home, so they need to make sure they understand the quality of services they’ve hired. So the struggle is to help people understand that there are both good and bad providers in the industry.

James Crossway and Premier Blinds & Designs go above and beyond for their customers.

5:35—What is an interesting customer story you’ve experienced?

Premier Blinds has done a lot of hiring clients; we’ve worked with actors, and in fact, we’re actually doing the design work for some of Home Depot’s corporate offices.

One actress we worked with was Crystal Fox, who starred on “The Tyler Perry Show.” She ordered these really high-end, wood plantation shutters, but the shipping service lost them. She was actually preparing to leave to go on set for six months out in California, so we called the shipping service, telling them that they had to find those shutters. I ended up sending our team out to the location to pick them up. Once we located them, there we were, at 10 p.m. on a Friday night, installing Crystal’s shutters to make sure they were done.

When all was finished, she told us she couldn’t believe that we actually had gone to the lengths we did to make sure the job was completed. We just didn’t want her to leave town without giving her a positive customer experience.


James Crossway and Premier Blinds & Designs go above and beyond for their customers. That’s why Hunter Douglas gave them the Centurion Award, it’s why Home Depot gave you a contract, and it’s why we chose them for this interview. They focus on the people, not just making money.

If you’d like to contact Premier Blinds & Designs for a free consultation with James to discuss what you could do to upgrade your current blinds or shades, call (770) 780-5471, email [email protected], or visit their website.

For other real estate questions, you’re always encouraged to reach out to me. Until then, have a great holiday season!