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Homeowners ask me all the time, “What’s the best home valuation tool?”

I think the frequency of this question is due to the popularity of Zillow’s own valuation tool, the Zestimate, which puts people’s home values through an online algorithm and may or may not be reliable or accurate.

So what is the best tool to use in order to find out what your home is worth?

I’ve recently found what I believe to be the coolest tool that you can use for free: Homebot.

Homebot is a tool that I find to be extremely accurate.

Why is Homebot the coolest tool? Well, for one, it goes really deep with the information that it provides in its report. If you bought your house four or five years ago and have since finished the basement and added a fence, but you’re not really sure if that will be reflected in your home value, let me know and I can verify it for you. That way, you can truly get the best estimation of your home’s value.

The site also digs into the mortgage side of things. There’s a feature that tells you what options you have if you were to refinance your home, you can find out how much you could save in interest if you increased how much you paid each month, and you can even find out how much you could potentially earn if you were to rent your home on Airbnb. Beyond that, there’s even a feature that tells you whether you’re currently able to get rid of your monthly mortgage insurance.

Homebot is a tool that I find to be extremely accurate, but if you don’t agree, there are options that allow you as a homeowner to critique the numbers presented to you.

To use the tool yourself, just visit and fill out the information. If you have any questions about your home report or the value Homebot estimates for it, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’ll be happy to help you navigate the site itself and the information it provides.